Margaret Dean

Margaret Dean – President MD West Area Team

Margaret is the current President of the Area Team. Prior to becoming President, Margaret held positions on the Area Team and on the Cumberland, MD Aglow Community Lighthouse.  Being a part of Aglow has been a life changer for Margaret especially since completing and facilitating the Game Changer/Life Changer series taught by Graham Cooke for Aglow.  Understanding her identity in Christ along with grasping the truth that HE lives in her has changed everything from her marriage of 45 years to husband, Ralph, and daughter, Angie, to recognizing that everyone she touches is her “neighbor.” Jesus said, “That we are to love God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength and our “neighbor” as our self.“  Who is our neighbor?  The person who is next to Margaret at any given moment.  Margaret believes that the Game/Life Changer series definitely changes the way we play the game of life!