By (Jane Hansen Hoyt)

Did you feel the explosion in the atmosphere that took place this past Monday evening, October 17th? There were some 900 to 1,000 Aglow men and women on the Critical Mass Prayer call, interceding for the United States and the coming election this November. God’s people want God’s will and God’s purposes fulfilled in this pivotal time in history.

There was a spirit of repentance for the sins of our nation, and then prayers of boldness and declaration that wound its way throughout the entire prayer time.

“Lord, we humble ourselves and we repent of our personal sins and the sins of our nation. Cleanse our hearts, our minds, our souls, to be one with You – standing for righteousness and justice. As Franklin Graham said, ‘This election is not about Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, but about the one who will appoint righteous Supreme Court Judges who will make critical decisions for our nation in the next 20 years. We thank You that all Christian men and women will take their responsibility of voting very seriously and will vote in their city, state, and national polling places for individuals who will stand with courage and bravery, who will protect our constitution, and who will stand with Israel.” Tony Hoyt

“Father we sense there is a changing of the guard at our gates because war has been declared there. A new company of warring angels have been dispersed to bring to fulfillment Your intentions. Open our eyes to see beyond the natural – beyond the facts – and focus our eyes on the supernatural – the Truth. We are at Your crossroad of destiny in America. Your Truth will ultimately change all facts. We come into agreement with Your intentions over America. Shine the light of Your truth upon the media and its ulterior motives and unprofessional antics. Shine the light of Your truth upon the lives of every person, entity, and movement and bring all deceit and lies into the open. Remove this subtle fog of deceit that has blinded the truth upon the earth, and reestablish a discerning of what is truly right and wrong, despite the increasing agenda of wickedness prevalent in America. Render a change in our country, and begin with us.” Dave McDaniel

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