By (Jane Hansen Hoyt)

There is so much taking place in the world. The atmosphere is filled with hostility, hatred, murder, and terrorism.Isaiah 22:22 I will give you the key that will open doors that no man can shut and you will shut doors that no man can open.

The world looks to governmental leaders for a plan to counter the rising tide of evil.

Mankind wants to be comforted by the false sense that the “enemy has been contained.”

We need a counter attack that turns the enemy’s strategies into confusion.

The hour in which we live is strategic and we understand that we have been called for such a time as this! We will not miss God’s direction or His guidance in our prayers. We will not miss His heartbeat in this moment.

On a personal level, many are facing trying times of various natures, as well.

I am aware of several International Leaders who are experiencing significant health issues.

Miracles are needed and expected!


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