By (Jane Hansen Hoyt)

You may think it is a bit early for me to be thinking about Aglow’s 50 Year Anniversary, which will be celebrated in 2017 at our Global Conference. However, with that awesome occasion only months away, those of us at the Aglow Headquarters have been thinking and planning for some time already!

The number 50 is the number connected with the Holy Spirit and His work. When I think of the incredible work of the Holy Spirit, that began in 1967 in the lives of women and continues today with men now walking alongside us, I am brought to tears. Only God could have wrought such a work, such a ministry, such a movement in the earth that has stood the test of time.

It has been said of Aglow that, “It is the greatest Apostolic gig in the earth.” It has also been said that, “Aglow has been brought forth out of nothing!” Aglow has not copied other ministries, organizations, or trends.

Truly, we have simply endeavored to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit at every turn. We have continued through cultural changes, the feminist movement, economic downturns, world crisis, crisis in the church, shifting times; and ever changing mindsets and agendas that have challenged God’s people the world over. Only God and the powerful work of His Holy Spirit, could cause a movement initiated by Him, to not only continue, but to grow and to become more fervent and alive with each passing decade. Holy Spirit we honor You!

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